Access the user drop-down menu

The user menu is accessible from nearly all pages within Course Site. It is typically located at the top-right of the screen in the header bar indicated by your full name and small profile picture. Click on either of those items to reveal the user menu.

Review/Edit messaging preferences

From the user menu, select Preferences.

On the Preferences page, locate the User account section and select Messaging.

Setting messaging settings

There are two types of notifications that you can configure according to your preferences.

  • Popup notification: If selected, the associated event will generate an alert that will appear along the bottom right of the screen for you to acknowledge. In almost all cases, this method is set to OFF by default.
  • Email: If selected, the associated event will generate an email alert sent to your preferred email as set in your user profile. In all but a few select cases, this method is set to ON by default.

Most course activities have events associated which have the ability to generate notifications. These events are grouped by course activity and course activities are listed in alphabetical order on the Configure notification methods for incoming messages page (pictured below).

To turn on a notification, make sure the box corresponding to the method by which you want to receive the notification is checked. To turn off a notification, simply make sure the corresponding box is unchecked.

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