Restoring an archived video to on-demand (active) status is very simple and can be done by anyone including viewers and content creators. If you encounter an archived video, you will see a message indicating that the video has been archived. In the message, there will also be a link to restore the video.

In many cases, Panopto videos are embedded in a web site including Course Site. In this scenario, the video frame will appear "greyed-out" or "dimmed" (as pictured below) with the message indicating that the video has been archived and link to restore.

You may also encounter Panopto videos embedded with the Panopto player, also commonly encountered in Course Site especially when accessing videos via the Panopto block. If the video has been archived the player will appear similar to the screenshot below. In this case, you will see the archive alert message to the right of the video frame with a link/button to restore.

For content creators

If you are a content creator and log in to Panopto to manage your videos and folders, you may encounter an archived video in a folder. In this case, the video thumbnail will appear dimmed with a box icon overlay and a button/link to the right of the thumbnail to restore the video if needed.

What happens after you request an archived video be restored

According to Panopto, the vast majority of videos can be restored in minutes, but in some cases could take several hours. The requestor will be notified when the video is ready to view.

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