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Text-based Instructions

About a Course Site Backup File

Note - Follow these instructions to restore a Course Site from a course backup file, which will have the file extension, .MBZ. To quickly copy content from a course that still is on the system, use these instructions instead.

Typically, you will need to restore from a backup file only for a course that was taught more than 2 years ago and was removed from the system after you created a backup file for your records.

Restore from a Backup (.MBZ) File

Before you can import material into a new course, you must first request the new course by filling out the Course Request FormYou also need to know where the course backup file is located because you will be using it for the restore process.

  1. In the new course, find the Course Administration section in the Adminstration block. Click on the Restore link.
  2. There may be several different areas on this page, look for the topmost area named, Import a backup file. Click on the Restore link, to begin the process.
  3. Locate the course backup file that you wish to use, then either locate the file on your computer and drag and drop it, or click on Choose a file... to bring up the FIle Picker utility and upload the file.
  4. You will now see the file name, click Restore.
  5. The system will read the backup file and display the content eligible to be restored. You will have the opportunity to selectively choose items later in the process.The next several screens will step you through the restore process. Note that content that is associated with a student contribution will be not be restored. The activity shell will be restored, just not the student contributions from the original course. Confirm the settings by clicking on Continue at the bottom of the window.
  6. On the Destination screen, Choose the default option, for the Restore into this Course option, which is Merge the backup course into this course. This will retain the student enrollment in your course! If you have any questions about this process, please contact your Instructional Technology Consultant before proceeding. Click Continue.

  7. Review the Settings, click Next
  8. On the Schema, or Course Settings page, you can either selectively choose content to restore  – by unchecking the check boxes next to each item, or accept the defaults, which will bring over everything. We recommend not changing any of the initial settings, simply review the content and indicate what should should be imported. Click Next after reviewing the options. 
  9. Final Review, click Perform restore. Note - this may take a long time, please be patient and do not click the restore button more than once.
  10. You will receive confirmation when the course has been restored, Click Continue to go to the restored course.

For more information about restoring content from a backup file, please visit Moodle Docs

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