One of the hallmarks of Lehigh University is its strong emphasis on the value of front-line research in the learning process.  Along with that comes the work of maintaining and sharing large amounts of research information between the faculty and their students.  LTS provides a number of tools to assist research groups with data storage and collaboration.  Below is a list of some of the most powerful ones for assisting all researchers.

Google Drive:  Shared Drives and File Stream

Lehigh's partnership with Google allows for the easy creation of cloud storage spaces shared with specific users within the university, structurable and editable as needed without size restrictions.  Files there can be shared with the internet also, as desired.

Confluence: Commercial Grade Wiki

As a Wiki, Confluence allows any number of users in any location to log in with a browser, and share information in a structured way.  With it's powerful, granular permissions, content can be kept private or shared with the world.

Ceph:  Local Network Storage at Scale

The Research Computing Team's Ceph system can be expanded as needed to provide large amounts of online, on-site storage for calculation and analysis.  The R-drive, provided to all faculty for personal research data storage is hosted here.

CrashPlan:  Automated Off-Site Backup with Full Retention 

If it's worth saving, it's worth protecting.  Lehigh's relationship with Code42 gives us access to unlimited cloud backup space with powerful, automated data collection, and indefinite retention.

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