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Report Telephone Trouble or Repair by calling TLINE - x85463

Telecommunications maintains a 24 hour trouble reporting line. Please report repair calls by dialing T-L-I-N-E (X.85463). Your call will be answered by a voice mailbox that will prompt you for the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Telephone number
  3. Account Number to be charged for out-of-warranty phone replacements
  4. Building
  5. Room number
  6. Description of the problem

The TLINE mailbox is checked hourly between 8 AM and midnight (and sometimes more often) so your trouble report will be received and logged within a few minutes of your call.

Warranty Information and Related Charges

While the phone is under warranty, there will be no charge for repair calls that arise from equipment malfunction or normal wear and tear on your telephone. Phones that are no longer under warranty will be replaced with no labor charge, but the cost of the new equipment will be charged to the user. Please see Charges for Replacing Phones table below. Vandalized, stolen or missing (warranty and non warranty) equipment will be charged directly to faculty and staff through departmental accounts.

New phones will include a 1-year warranty; LTS will continue to fund phone replacements for central service phones such as emergency phones, pay phones and most public/house phones, etc.

How to know a phone is under warranty?
It is safe to assume a phone is out of warranty unless there is a label saying "LU warranty expires mm/yy" on the bottom of the phone.

Charges for Replacing Phone Equipment

Telephone Equipment
Basic Analog 2500 Desk Phone$21.00
Basic Analog 2554 Wall Phone$36.00
Cortelco Analog Desk Phone$74.00
STE-SD Scitec Analog Desk Phone$100.00
ITE-12SD (Speaker phone with display)$352.00
ITE-12SD (Speaker phone with display) REFURBISHED Phone$199.00
ITE-30SD (Speaker phone with display)$413.00
Loaner Phone-any type$15.00 per use
Amplified handsetNo charge
Analog loud extension bell$42.00
Vandal-proof phone$355.00
Security Phones
Gai-tronics SMART Emergency phone$997.06
Ramtech security phone$663.00
Ramtech elevator phone$645.00
Handset cord (long) - 25 ft.$3.00
Handset cord (standard) - 12ft$1.50
Station cord (long) - 25 ft$1.75
Station cord (standard) - 12 ft$1.50

What if I want to install my own phone?

A) There are 2 types of phones at Lehigh: Digital (Multi-line: ITE 12SD and 30SD) and Analog (Speaker/Display and Basic).

B) Digital (multi-line) ITE-model phones are proprietary to our telephone system and must be obtained/repaired through LTS.

C) Departments are free to purchase replacement analog phones. However, keep in mind that Lehigh's phones include a customized message waiting light and hold button that may be impossible to duplicate with an off-the-shelf phone from Radio Shack, Staples, etc.

Please feel free to contact Lizanne Hurst, Team Leader, Telecommunications Services at x85014 or e-mail to

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