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Please note: You will need to have a camera and microphone on your machine to record a video. 

Directions for students on creating Panopto videos 

  1. Log into course site
  2. Go to Panopto block,  download and install Panopto recorder
  3. Open the Panopto recorder on your computer
  4. Sign into Panopto with your Lehigh Credentials
  5. Create new recording
  6. Select the folder location that you wish save you new video in and title your recording
  7. Upload your recording or re-record as needed
  8. Manage Recordings

You can use the Panopto editing features by clicking on the EDIT link on the manage recordings screen.

For more information on how to edit your video, see these links:

Although not the preferred method, you can log into Panopto website directly.

Goto and login to Panopto via Course Site.  You will need to log in using your Lehigh credentials.

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