Please note: most settings will remain at the default.

Determine how your grades will be calculated and use easy math

Course Site will allow for multiple grading schemas, but it easiest to use natural aggregation and total all of your assignments out of 100 or 1000 points. You can also choose to make all assignments 100 points and weight each category. It is normally less troublesome to use either a set points value or weights, but not both. 

  1. Go to your course in Course Site

  2. Confirm that Aggregation is set to Natural (Default)

    * Go to Gradebook Set-up>Edit (Top Level of Categories)>Edit Settings 

    Leave all other settings at default 

  3. Set up categories and organize

    Add Categories

    *Go to Gradebook Set-up, scroll to bottom of screen to add category

    Example categories: Discussions, Exams, Weekly Quizzes, Attendance, Turnitin Assignments, etc.

    Organize your grade items

    * Check items to be moved on far right (under select menu) Scroll to bottom of screen
    * Select drop down box under “move selected items to”

    Grades will be recalculated and progress bar given

    Update Item point values as needed
    If you have added a
    course site item that is integrated into your gradebook such as an assignment, you can change the point value by editing the item located in your course topics. The default value will be 100 points.

    If you added a line item directly to your gradebook to manually enter a grade, you can change the point value by going to the gradebook setup and clicking on edit>edit settings.

    Note: If grades have already been awarded, you will have to rescale in order to make adjustments in point values.

    Able to edit values New item - no grades awardedMust rescale Grades already awarded

  4. Clean up the Student View

    Go to Gradebook Set-up> Course Grade Settings tab> Scroll down to User Report
    Hide Weightings, Hide Contributions to Course, Hide Ranges -- leave rest at default.

  5.  Change Grade Display Types to Letter, Percentage, Real (Point Tally)

Change All Default Display Type

Go to Gradebook Set-up> Course grade settings tab> Grade Item Settings> Grade Display Type

Change Total Display Type

Go to Gradebook Set-up> Top Folder Level (course name)> Edit> Edit settings> Category Total > Show More> Grade Display Type


Always Grade from the Assignment Page

When grading activities integrated in your gradebook (electronic submissions)- items that students have submitted in course site, you SHOULD ALWAYS grade from the assignment page.  There are a few ways to find the assignment's page.  Click on the blue assignment name in column header from the grader report OR find the assignment listed in topics or use the activities block, click on name, and go to “Grade”. By default, students will be notified via email when graded.


If you grade any item from the grader report rather than from the assignment page and the item has already been given a grade -- the previous grade and the new grade will be averaged.  You will need to clear this override in the SINGLE VIEW and SAVE your changes.

Don't forget to SAVE changes.

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