• LTS Computing Consultants provide assistance and consultation for purchasing computers, tablets, phones, and associated information technologies on request.  
  • The Purchasing Department may require at least email approval of computer purchases from your department's assigned Computing Consultant.
  • The University's relationship with major vendors (Apple, Dell, Lenovo) allows for discounts on purchases and accelerated delivery of pre-configured standard options.
  • LTS offers on-site, in-warranty repairs for those major brands by vendor-certified technicians.
  • Classroom Technology including computers, projectors, document cameras, wireless microphones, and other devices are purchased by the LTS Classroom Support team. 
  • All potential vendors should fill out the LTS 3rd party vendor systems security and networking questions in order to ensure that the vendor meets our security requirements and that LTS can support the integration that these vendors might require with our on premise systems. 

Software Purchasing

Faculty and Staff:  Lehigh Computer Configuration / Management

  • Imaging for Windows:  After delivery to Lehigh, most Windows-based faculty and staff computers' storage systems are cleared, and re-loaded with a standardized, pre-configured set of software tailored for use at Lehigh.  
    • This process is handled by Computing Consultants using a tool called the 'Universal Imaging Utility' (UIU).
    • The process enables the use of Lehigh Computing Accounts for logging into the systems (via Active Directory), ensures that Lehigh software licenses are in use, and protects University data by encrypting the systems' internal hard drives to protect against data privacy breaches.
  •  Jamf for macOS: LTS uses a cloud-based management system that enforces the LTS password requirements, escrows the FileVault hard drive encryption keys and collects basic data on application usage.

Disposal, recycling, e-waste

Phone Purchasing Plans

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