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Student Record proxy is an easy way to view your student’s secure information such as financial and student records, class schedules, and grades. Adding a proxy to view your student information involves providing a name and email address and then selecting which categories you wish to provide access to. You can add multiple proxies, and provide different access to each of them if you choose. You may also edit their information to update an email address, as well as change or revoke their access at any time.

1) Sign into your Banner account

2) Click on the Student Services tab, and then select Student Record Proxy Access

3) Click on Add Proxy

4) Add the contact information for your proxy, including name and email address, or select one of the contacts generated from your Banner profile

After adding your proxy, make sure to click on the name of your Proxy next to the yellow triangle and select 'Parent or Legal Guardian' from the Relationship dropdown menu before proceeding

5) Click on the Authorization tab, then select the items you wish the proxy to have access to by checking the corresponding boxes, either individually or as a category

If desired, add other proxies by repeating the steps above for each proxy. Once added, you can manage your proxy or proxies, including adjusting their authorizations, changing their email address used to log in, resetting their PIN, or removing them completely.

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