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I am trying to set up a printer on my laptop but secure AirPrint is not coming up.

Make sure you are on the "lehigh" secure wireless network rather than the public "lehigh-guest".  Go to your wireless icon and select "lehigh". 

I'm trying to print a pdf but the fonts and other formatting is off. What can I do?

Some PDF files contain damaged or corrupted content – they may display online but not print correctly. To work around this problem you can try to print the pdf as an image. The option to print as image appears in a checkbox in the print dialog box. You can refer to this Adobe document Print PDF as image for more information.

Google Cloud print is not displaying Lehigh's printers for me.

Make sure you are on Lehigh's secure wireless network (Wi-Fi SSID = lehigh) and that you are logged into your Lehigh Google account (when you go to print, it will be in "change printer" selection area). If you are logged into a personal Google/Gmail account, log out of that account. 

Where can I have additional funds/points added to my Papercut printing account?

You can add to your printing account by visiting the Circulation Desk at the E.W. Fairchild Martindale Library.  Each account receives 75 points worth of printing per year (from August 20th to August 19th).  Graduate students may request a one time addition of an extra 25 points.

When I try to print, I get a message that the printer is busy or not responding.  What can I do?

If you connect to the network via a wireless connection, check to be sure you are on the Lehigh network (not Lehigh-guest or other non-Lehigh network). 

My print jobs were sent to mart8b-rm183-hp553 instead of the local printer.  Why?

The proper printer wasn't setup on login, and though you printed there, the jobs were denied (not actually printed).  This "printer" is the default when the LTS public site windows image was created, but access to it is restricted and jobs sent there are automatically cancelled. 

What kind of shared printer should I purchase for my department?

For departmental groups, purchasing a Ricoh or HP Enterprise level printer with duplexing, and networking (usually the DN designation) will be the most compatible with other printing on campus.  Some models that LTS uses currently at the libraries and classroom sites are the M600 series and M553 (color).  LVBM (Lehigh Valley Business Machines) and Ricoh are local dealers that can provide service and advise on makes and models.  Please work with your LTS Computing Consultant before making a purchase so that they can confirm that the printer will work well in our environment. 

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