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Students:  LTS Computing Site Printers

Networked printers are available in many classrooms and labs. These printers use the PaperCut system (a project of the office of sustainability and LTS), and are all connected through LTS's main network print server,  All Lehigh users can send jobs to those printers using the following methods:

  1.  Direct from Windows or macOS (at the computing sites),
  2.  From Google Cloud Print using Chrome or Google Drive, 
  3.  From PaperCut Mobility printing,
  4.  From PaperCut webprint (limited to printing PDFs, MS Office files, and image files)  and 
  5.  Via email with the PaperCut mail gateway.   

In every case, you will need to log into PaperCut with your Lehigh account (it's automatic at LTS Computing Sites).  For the 2018-19 academic year, each user at Lehigh gets a 75-point printing quota which is decremented by 0.05 points for a black and white page and 0.25 points for a color one.  If you run out of points, you can purchase more at the circulation desk at either library.  

2018 year end summary

Questions? View our Printing FAQ.

Faculty/Staff:  Departmental Network Printers

Access to network printers is controlled by the owning department.  Faculty and staff should contact their department coordinator, contact the LTS Help Desk, or submit a request for help.  Some departmental printers can be installed at    

Custom Printing Services

For specialized printing requests, such as flyers, posters, banners, and promotional materials, Printing and Mailing Services has an order page.  The Copy Center in the basement of the Rauch Business Center does copies and color printing.  The Mail Center does specialized copying as well as handling incoming and outgoing mail and packages.