Perusall is a social annotation tool that allows students and their instructors to collaboratively markup digital textbooks, PDF documents, and a variety of other sources. Instead of reading a document and discussing it, Perusall brings the discussion to the text.  

Please note:  All texts are NOT available to use with Perusall. Publisher must approve use of digital text.

See what materials are available to use with Perusall.

Live Demo of Perusall:

Primary Use: Collaborative annotation of digital text books, PDF's (OCR-ready recommended), and other resources

Cost: No cost to instructor, department, or institution to implement. If being used with a textbook for a class, students purchase a license for the digital text directly through Perusall. Perusall can also be used with absolutely no charge to students if being used only to annotate instructor uploaded PDF's or other files.

Course Site Integration: Perusall can easily be integrated into your course in Course Site simply by adding "Perusall" as a resource. Your IT Consultant can guide you through the process. Perusall will score your students annotations in each assignment automatically and pass grades to your Course Site gradebook.

Technical Requirements: None

Other Considerations:

Perusall scores each assignment based on quality, quantity, and distribution of student annotations, comments, and replies. All default settings for scoring are customizable by the instructor.

Perusall can group students in large classes into smaller groups for more streamlined collaborative activity and easier management.

Perusall can be used directly with Course Site. Students will not be required to "sign-up" for Perusall accounts - they will simply be enrolled upon clicking their initial assignment link.

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