Lehigh recognizes both the importance of printing to its students and the need to reduce unchecked waste. Each August, all Lehigh users - faculty, staff, and students - are given a public site print allowance of 75 points for the year, at no cost to them.

Statistics show that this allowance meets the printing needs of most Lehigh students. The printing allowance also helps to make a dramatic difference in reducing paper waste while at the same time contributing to Lehigh's efforts to foster a sustainable campus.

Checking Your Printing Account

You can check your printing account anytime by viewing the PaperCut gadget on the desktop screen of any public site computer OR by logging into your PaperCut account. You can learn more about checking your account in PaperCut using these instructions. Remember, your printing allowance is applied at public site printers only.

Getting Assistance with Printing

If you need to add additional funds to your account, you can do by speaking to staff member at the Circulation Desk at either library. More information can be found here. Please speak to a staff member at the Help Desk immediately if you experience any problems with printing at a public site. For answers to other commonly asked questions about printing at Lehigh, see the FAQ.

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