Either a Student or a Professor can review an originality report that is generated when the papers or presentations are uploaded to Google Assignments.  The report compares the uploaded paper to text found on the web and flags passages that do not look to be original.  This tool is particularly useful for learning how to cite passages properly.    More about how Originality Reports are created.

Please note that student work is not currently stored or compared against a database of other papers so Google Assignments originality analysis does not function quite like Turn it in. 

You will only be able to access originality reports for up to 5 projects for course. If you would like to have unlimited reports per course, please submit a ticket to the IT Team. If your account is upgraded, you will also have some additional features for using Google Meet.

Faculty must turn on the Originality Reports

If you have not already added a google assignment, first see how to add a Google Assignment to Course Site.

For more information on how to turn on originality reports: https://support.google.com/edu/assignments/answer/9369242?hl=en

Then students can check before they submit

For more information on how to run an originality report as a student: https://support.google.com/edu/assignments/answer/9369384

AND Faculty can review after a student submits

Give Feedback on Originality Reports

School Matches

Lehigh has school matches activated and the report will also check against other student submissions in the Lehigh repository.