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An 85-inch, wall-mounted display with an integrated Windows PC, the 4K Mondopad Ultra facilitates presentation annotation, as well as image and data manipulation in both face-to-face and remote collaboration sessions.

How to use the Mondpad in the Visualization Lab

How to Turn on the Mondopad

Press the touch panel in the cabinet and choose Mondo/PC Conference mode icon.  Otherwise, if the Mondopad is already on, simply press the space bar on the mondo pad wireless keyboard or move around the wireless mouse to wake it from sleep.  (Modo keyboard and mouse are stored in drawer in the cabinet.)

The device will boot like a normal Windows machine, with the exception of user login. These devices are configured to automatically log in to the "citluser" account in Windows. You will never be prompted with a log in screen and, instead, will see the Windows desktop. This process should take no more than a few minutes. Once the device is ready to use, it will look like the photo above.

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