View User Report

To review what your student sees in their gradebook, you can use the user Report. Here you can verify how grades are formatted, that items are hidden and easily view grades for each student.

  1. Click the View Tab > User Report
  2. Filter by student, and view report as a User ("Student") or as Myself.

Update Course Grade Settings

  1. Click the Setup tab > Course Grade Settings
  2. Go to Grade Item settings to change Grade display type
  3. Go to User Report and adjust desired settings. 

Please note: The "letter" scale aligns with the Lehigh grading scale, but you will still need to input a numerical value for all grades. However, you can change how that numerical grade is displayed. "Real" reflects a default points value given for any item, "percentage" is how much earn based on points - example, 5 points out of 10 would be a 50 percent and display as a F letter grade.

Display Final Grade as a Letter Only

  1. Go to Gradebook set-up
  2. At top folder level, click on Edit settings
  3. Go to Category total, click on "show more"
  4. Update Grade Display type to Letter


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