The Microsoft Windows 10 operating system is used on a large fraction of Lehigh's computers, and many personal machines as well.  Students, faculty and staff have options for upgrading their personal computers.

  • Students have the option of obtaining ONE free Windows 10 Education upgrade through Lehigh’s Kivuto web store.
    • Note: the Windows 10 upgrade is a download, there is no DVD media available for the Windows 10 upgrade.
  • Students and faculty (not staff) may obtain a free copy of Windows 10 through Azure Dev Tools for Teaching.
  • Faculty and staff have the option of purchasing ONE Windows 10 Education upgrade for work at home use. The cost is $9.95 through Lehigh’s Kivuto web store

For more information about Windows 10 at Lehigh, please refer to the Windows 10 FAQ.

Note: The Kivuto store also offers academic discounts on SPSS, EndNote and other popular software packages. Please check the Lehigh University Install Software (LUIS) page for software availability at Lehigh before making a purchase.

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