Host and Co-Host Controls in a Meeting

Equipment for Individual Meetings

To join a meeting from your desk, you need a computer equipped with a camera and a mic. Most modern laptops, phones, or tablets come equipped a camera and mic.

This set-up is ideal and convenient for most meetings in which everyone can join from their own device.

Equipment for Group Meetings

If you plan to use Zoom in a classroom, conference room, or chatting with a group-

you will need a higher end camera that is able to capture a wider image and good quality microphone that pick up a larger area of sound.

Some spaces at Lehigh are already equipped!

Other individual departments may have their own specially configured conferencing rooms.

If you need to borrow a camera or mic, there are a few available from the Digital Media Studio.

If working with a group, specifically ask for the Logitech meet-up or the Meeting Owl.

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