For large lecture classes that do not require two-way interaction, Panopto has a live webcast feature that can be used to host a real-time online lecture remotely.


Starting a new live webcast

To start a new live webcast, begin as you normally would by either opening the Panopto Recorder on your computer (most efficient), or open a web browser and go to, log in, then click Create then select Record a new session which will launch the Panopto Recorder application.

Once you have Panopto Recorder open on your computer, select the folder pertaining to the course you are holding the session for as you normally would when creating a typical Panopto video. To make the recording a webcast, you simply need to check the webcast checkbox before clicking the Record button. The recorder will look different on Mac OS versus Windows. For detailed step-by step instructions and screenshots, see below:

Creating a webcast link in advance and establishing a waiting room

If you want to create a webcast link in advance to share with your participants so they can access an online "waiting room" before your webcast begins, you simply need to log in to Panopto and from the Create menu, and select Webcast (instead of Record a new session). See for more detailed instructions.

Having participants join your live webcast

As long as you have your Course Site course provisioned for Panopto and begin the live webcast from the corresponding course folder in the Panopto Recorder, students will simply have to log in to Course Site, go to your course, and from the Panopto block simply click the link to your live session which will appear under the Live sessions heading.

Important considerations and known issues

  • Some users may report that the live session does not automatically begin playing when opening and need to press play. The auto-play feature is determined on the user's end by their web browser settings.
  • Due to the nature of a live stream (webcast), which is more highly optimized for audio/video stability, there may be up to a 45-second delay between your delivery and what a viewer sees/hears.
  • As the host/creator/instructor, if you would like to view the discussion, you will also need to open your session in your web browser by going to, selecting the course folder pertaining to the course for which you are hosting a live webcast, then click the live session to open the online web viewer.

Questions, more information

If you have any questions or would like some assistance with this and other related tasks, please contact the Instructional Technology team by submitting a help request at and using the Instructional Technology option.

For more information:

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