Linux users who attempt to connect to the lehigh Wi-Fi for the first time may find that the connection does not work. Additional security settings for Wi-Fi options need to be configured and match the values in the table below.

Access your Linux Wi-Fi settings by going to system settings >  Wi-Fi, and then selecting the settings/gear icon for the lehigh network. 

NOTE: After initially connecting, If you receive a pop-up window warning about "No certificate authority..." click Ignore and if there's a checkbox for, "Don't warn me again" click that too so you don't receive the same notification the next time you connect.

Setting fieldValue
SecurityWPA & WPA2 Enterprise
AuthenticationProtected EAP (PEAP)
CA certificate(leave blank)
check checkbox for "No CA certificate is required"
PEAP versionAutomatic
Inner authenticationMSCHAPv2

(your Lehigh username)

Password(your Lehigh password)
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