Lehigh File Sender (filesender.lehigh.edu) is a service that allows you to send and receive files that would normally be too large to transmit via email. File Sender makes it easy for you to move files up to 2.0 GB in size in and out of the University. Rather than send the file, or files, using the attachment feature in email, the files are uploaded to a Lehigh server where the recipient(s) can retrieve them. The recipient(s) receive an email with an embedded link that allows them to connect to the server and download the files. The files are deleted from the server after 14 days.

File Sender can be used in one of the following ways:

  • Lehigh affiliates can send files to other Lehigh affiliates. A Lehigh affiliate is anyone with a lehigh.edu address.
  • Lehigh affiliates can send files to individuals not affiliated with Lehigh.
  • Non-Lehigh affiliates can send files to Lehigh affiliates.

To use Lehigh File Sender, go to filesender.lehigh.edu and follow the instructions on the web site.