You can share your screen in Panopto or Zoom live or recorded.  There are many drawing programs available to you depending on the type of device you are using.  A Microsoft Surface or other Tablet type computers are ideal because you can use a stylus to write rather than a mouse.

Microsoft Office comes with drawing tools.   If you are using PowerPoint, you can prepare a slide with some data and use the drawing tools to highlight your text.

If you are recording, see start your recording for step by step instructions or review how to live stream in Panopto - Once your recording is started, you can minimize your Panopto recorder then open the programs that you wish to share with your audience. OR see how to record a meeting in Zoom.

Use your Smart Phone

You or your students can use smart phones to take a picture or video of a written document and post. You can then add the image to a slide show and use the ink tools to highlight information. 

If you are live on Zoom and want to stream out your hand-written notes, you can also use a gooseneck camera stand, or even set your camera on a book or tall empty drinking glass, join your own zoom session anonymously from your phone, share you screen and broadcast (or record )yourself writing. Remember to turn off mic and speakers on one device to avoid feedback.

Drawing Tools -

Microsoft ink

If you are recording a session for later, you will be able to trim the beginning and end of the session as needed.

MS Office Ink is fully integrated with all MS Office apps:


EquatIO is a math extension that allows you to insert, edit, and interact with digital math in the G Suite Environment or with Microsoft word.

Video How to Playlist

Myscript Math Add-On for Word

You can convert handwritten equations into typed equations without having to find the correct insert item on a toolbar.

Google Docs Drawing Tool

Open a new drawing -

How to use -

Jamboard- Google Whiteboard

Jamboard uses full functionality of google drive for collaboration and easy sharing -


Please Note:  You may also choose to come to EWFM and use the DIY studio to record videos with the light-board.