LastPass Enrollment is Currently Disabled

After recent announcements from LastPass regarding the breach of encrypted customer password vaults, Library and Technology Services has suspended new Lehigh LastPass enrollment effective January 3rd, 2023. Enrollment will be suspended while LTS collects additional information about the breach and reevaluates our relationship with LastPass. Additional information will be distributed by Email and posted to the LTS website. Link to LastPass Notification.

Lehigh University has partnered with LastPass to supply their commercial password management tools to students, faculty, and staff.  LastPass is a web-based password management tool that can create and store secure passwords in a fully-encrypted environment.  LastPass is available as a browser extension and a mobile device app, enabling use across many platforms.  Basic service information is on the LTS website.

Lehigh users have access to the Business (Faculty and Staff) and Personal Premium (Students) versions of LastPass, and can use their Lehigh user accounts to access the respective features.  For details about the differences in the functionality of each product, please visit the LastPass website.

Benefits of a Password Manager:

  • Store many more passwords than most people can remember in a secure location.
  • Generate strong passwords that a human would be unlikely to guess, and that computers have a harder time cracking.
  • Store password-retrieval details (like account information and responses to security questions) safely.
  • Share passwords with family or coworkers as appropriate or necessary.
  • Protect all of your passwords with a single master password.
  • Get alerts about account information breaches.