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Lehigh University holds a site license for Labster, a platform that allows faculty to make a realistic lab experience through simulated experiments available to students from Course Site as well as the ability for students to practice their skills in a fun, interactive virtual lab environment.  

  • Virtual labs/simulations can be accessed anytime, anywhere
  •  A learning tool that can be used at a student's own pace
  • Uses gamification and storytelling approaches to engage students in course materials

LTS suggests that you also review JoVE as a possible complement to Labster. JoVE consists of videos about lab procedures accompanied by journal articles. It also includes instructional materials about various subjects. To learn about JoVE and access it, or to learn about freely accessible laboratory resources, please see Laboratory Instruction Videos and Related Content

For instructors: how to add a Labster activity/simulation to my Course Site course?

With the Course Site integration, neither instructors nor students will need to create accounts and all the information will be synchronized seamlessly.

Adding a Labster simulation link / activity to your Course Site course

With editing turned on, as you would to add any new activity, click Add activity or resource, then select External tool.

  1. Specify an Activity name
  2. Review the latest list of available simulations and copy the LMS Integration link for the simulation you want to add to your course.
  3. Paste the simulation URL (from step 2) into the Tool URL field.
  4. Click anywhere on the screen to deselect the field and you should see the confirmation message below the Tool URL field confirming that the Labster URL is valid and recognized.
  5. Click Save and return to course

As a student, how do I access Labster

At Lehigh, Labster is available through Course Site, listed as any other course activity within the course. Lehigh has a campus-wide license, so no access codes or special accounts are needed to access Labster activities through Course Site.  


Labster simulation/content-related questions can be directed to Brian Simboli at 610-758-5003 or

All other general questions can be directed to the LTS Help Desk at

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