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LUapps provides virtual access to software installed and running on servers in Lehigh's data centers.  These applications are available via the Citrix Workspace client and can only be accessed while connected to the campus network.  Remote access is available via the Lehigh VPN.

My session keeps freezing. I log out but when I log back in the system returns to the same frozen session.

Contact the LTS Help Desk at 610.758.4357 to have your session unlocked. 

I can't find the file on my hard drive when I'm in LUapps.

Learn how to open and save files on LUapps.

How do I install LUapps on different devices?

See this Getting Started document.

How do I upload a Citrix file to Course Site?

See this document: How to upload  a Citrix file to Course Site.

How do I reset file access permissions  in the Citrix Receiver (Mac OS)?

See this document: Resetting access permissions in the Citrix receiver.

I get the error message "The system cannot find the path specified. This working directory is invalid: h:\"

Go to and log in. Choose the option to Reset H drive permissions. You'll see a message that "The repair operation has been initiated for XXXXXXX." Try logging into LUApps and launching the application (this should resolve the issue). 

When I try to load an application, nothing happens.

You will need to install the Citrix Workspace application.   Instructions for installing on the macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android are on the web site. Click on the highlighted link that matches your OS to go directly there.

How do I access LUapps on a Chromebook?

  1. Install the Chrome extension for the Citrix Workspace app via the Google Chrome Web Store:
  2. After installing, go to the LUapps website ( and login with your Lehigh credentials
  3. Clicking on an application may open the application or simply download a file to your Chromebook–if a file is downloaded, double-click the file to launch the application

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I keep getting pop-ups about Citrix Receiver not being 'optimized' for my operating system. What's that about?

Do I need to get a patch for the Citrix Receiver on my Mac?

I got a message asking 'How do you want to access files from this application'. What should I say?

I'm on-campus, but still can't connect to LUapps. What could be wrong?

How do I access a departmental file server from a Citrix app?

How long can I stay logged into LUapps?

How long can my LUapps session be idle before it is disconnected?

What's the Citrix Workspace?

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