These instructions walk users through the process of transferring a file created in LUapps to Course Site.  There are a number of ways to accomplish this, but to specifically assist off-campus students, we'll use the following method:  1) save the file to your computer's desktop, and then 2) upload it to Course Site from there using a browser on your computer.

1.  While in Microsoft Excel via Citrix, click the floppy disk icon to open the 'Save' dialog.  (If you've already saved the file previously, click on 'File' and select 'Save As . . .')

save icon excel

2.  In the Excel 'Save' Dialog box, click 'Browse' to bring up a Windows 'Save' dialog.

citrix excel save dialog

3.  In the Windows 'Save' dialog, click on 'Local Disk (C: on <your computer's name>)'.

Citrix Escel Windows Save Local Drive

4.  Continue navigating by double-clicking on the 'Users' folder, and then to _your_ user folder by double-clicking it.  It will be named with your username on that computer.  In this example, the username is 'dab406'

Navigate to Local Computer Users Folder

5.  Now, double-click on the 'Desktop' folder, typean indicative name for the file, and click 'Save' in the lower right.  Note the path shown in the window's address bar.

citrix excel windows save to local users desktop

6.  Now, close or minimize the Citrix windows.  The spreadsheet file should be visible on your computer's desktop.

spreadsheet file icon on desktop

7.  Finally, open a browser, navigate to the Course Site page, and then to your submission page, and upload the file by dragging it from your desktop.

drag file from desktop to course site

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