PodCasting (Or Vlogging)

There are multiple tools and ways to set up a Podcasting assignment for your course. 

Panopto Dropbox

  1. Provision your Course Site for Panopto
  2. Set up an Assignments Dropbox which can be used for audio or video files
  3. Post Link to Assignment Dropbox in your course with directions on how to upload

Audacity is our recommended tool for students to record audio from their computer.  There are also mobile tools such as voice memo for iphone or voice recorder app on Android. There are really countless options, students can choose what works for them and save as a MP3 file.

Panopto is a good option for students who may or may not want to share their creations beyond their class.

Here are some more resources on how to create a podcast.


This is an easy way to use mobile device or computer to start and podcast and distribute publicly all in a one tool. It is free but has some limitations.


Youtube creator Academy

How to get started with YouTube.  



Students can create a Blog to share their ideas with just each other or with a larger audience.

Word Press


Make a Meme

A meme can be created with just about any graphic tools and is a fun exercise to get students engaged.

Lesson on how on to create a meme: https://applieddigitalskills.withgoogle.com/c/middle-and-high-school/en/create-a-meme-with-google-drawings/overview.html

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