Lehigh students and faculty can use the (Windows-based) terminal/file transfer application MobaXterm to move, copy, paste, and delete files to and from your Lehigh static webspace. Use the following SFTP settings when specified below:

Remote host: ssh.lehigh.edu
Port Number: 22

1.  Download MobaXterm at https://software.lehigh.edu and follow the installation instructions found on that page.

2.  Open MobaXterm and click the Session button.

Open new session in MobaXterm

3.  Click the SSH button.

Select SSH session type in MobaXterm

4.  In the Remote host field enter, ssh.lehigh.edu. Then click the OK button at the bottom of the page.

Select remote host in MobaXterm

5.  An SSH window will open prompting you with 'login as:'.

Type your Lehigh username at the prompt, and press Enter.

Next, type your Lehigh password, and press the Enter.

Login to ssh.lehigh.edu using MobaXterm

6.  You are now logged in. The panel on the left (white background in the image at right) shows the files and directories, and can be used for drag-and-drop file transfers (upload or download). The panel on the right (black background) is a terminal session, which can be used to enter commands.

MobaXterm after login

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