Library and Technology Services maintains a site license for many Esri products used to visualize and analyze Geographic Information Systems (GIS). This license provides access for all students, faculty, and staff to ArcGIS Pro, Esri's newest version of desktop software. If you are interested in using Esri’s other desktop software, ArcGIS Desktop (or ArcMap), please see the instructions for installing ArcGIS Desktop.

Please note, Esri desktop software is designed for Windows OS. Users working on Mac OS can use ArcGIS desktop software through LUapps, or on a Boot Camp partition. For more information on running ArcGIS with Boot Camp, please see this Esri support article, or contact your administrator.

There are three parts to installing ArcGIS Pro: (1) Download, (2) Install, and (3) Authorize. Prior to installing ArcGIS Pro, make sure you have activated your ArcGIS account and requested an ArcGIS Pro license from your administrator.

To download ArcGIS Pro, follow these steps:

 1.  Go to Lehigh's software install page ( for the suite of Esri ArcGIS Desktop products and click ArcGIS Pro.

2.  Click the green download button.

To install ArcGIS Pro, follow these steps:

 1.  In Windows Explorer, navigate to where the install file was saved. By default, this will be the Downloads folder. Double click ArcGISPro_XX_XXXXXX.exe file, or right click and select Open.

2.  Click Next, to select the default location for where the install files will be extracted.

3.  After the files have been extracted, click Close, making sure that the box is checked next to "Launch the setup program".

If you are not ready to run the setup program, or it does not launch automatically, you can manually start the setup by double clicking the ArcGISPro.msi file, located in the folder created in Step 6.

4.  After the ArcGIS Pro installation program begins, click Next when you are ready to proceed.

5.  Review the license agreement and accept it if you agree. Click Next to continue with the installation. You must exit if you do not agree with the terms.

6.  Select the installation context in which ArcGIS Pro will install, whether per-machine (all users) or per-user. By default, the per-machine (all users) option is selected. Click Next to continue.

7.  Click Change to specify the installation folder or click Next to accept the default location of C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Pro\.

8.  Click Install to begin the installation. Note that the Esri User Experience Improvement check box is checked by default. If you prefer not to participate in the program, uncheck the box.

9.  Click Finish to close the wizard when the installation completes. Leave the Run ArcGIS Pro now check box checked if you want to start the application immediately.

To authorize ArcGIS Pro, follow these steps:

 1.  When ArcGIS Pro starts, authorize the software by using Lehigh's ArcGIS Enterprise account. Under Enterprise login, enter "lu", check the box next to "Remember this URL", and click Continue.

2.  Click Lehigh University.

3.  Login with your Lehigh credentials.

4.  If you receive the following error message, please contact your administrator and ask that your ArcGIS Pro license be activated.