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Library and Technology Services maintains a site license for many Esri products used to visualize and analyze Geographic Information Systems (GIS). This license provides access for all students, faculty, and staff to ArcGIS Desktop (or ArcMap), Esri's classic version of desktop software. If you are interested in using Esri’s newest version of their desktop software, ArcGIS Pro, please see the instructions for installing ArcGIS Pro.

Before you begin, it may be wise to un-install any previous version of ArcGIS Desktop that you have installed.  The package is quite large, and removing un-needed files may save significant space.  Note that installing and running this software requires a connection to Lehigh's network, by connecting to the internet on-campus, or an off-campus VPN connection. If you anticipate needing to use the software without an internet connection, please contact your administrator to request a stand-alone license.

1.  Go to, providing your Lehigh credentials when requested.

2.  Scroll down to the most recent version for download, and click the green download button.

3.  Double-click to open the disk image file that you receive, and note that it appears as a disk in your file system.  Navigate to the 'ArcGIS Desktop' archive file on it, and double-click to open that.

4.  Click 'Next' to unpack it, and 'Close' when it's done.  The installer will open.  Click 'Next' to move forward.

5.  In the installer, click the radio button to accept the 'Master Agreement', and continue clicking 'Next' (3x more) and finally 'Install' to start the installation.

6.  When the installer is done, click 'Finish', and the licensing program will start.

7.  In the 'ArcGIS Administrator Wizard' window, leave the default product selected in section 1, but down in section 2, under 'Define a License Manager for Concurrent-use Products', click the radio button next to 'Define a License Manager now' and type '', and click 'OK'.

8.  ArcGIS Desktop is now installed, and activated, and you can close ArcGIS Administrator window, close the disk image file window, and eject the disk, and delete the large downloaded disk image file, if desired.

Note:  to run the software, you must be connected to the Lehigh network, either on campus, or via the VPN.

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