1. Open your old quiz in Word. Remove any text except for the questions.

  2. Make sure every question is Multiple Choice (you can still add discussion or short answer questions to the quiz, but you have to create them individually). If you want True/False, just make those your choices A and B.

  3. Make sure every question is in the following format:

Note that all the answer choices have CAPITAL LETTERS and a period (.). Also, ANSWER must be in ALL CAPS with a colon(:) after it. The spacing does not matter. 

4. Choose Save as and save your Word (.doc or .docx) as a Plain Text (.txt) file format.

Non-ASCII characters like 'quotes' can cause import errors. To avoid this always save your text file in UTF-8 format (most text editors, even Word, will ask you).

5. In Course Site, when editing a quiz you have already created, navigate to the Course Administration block > Question Bank > Import.

6. On the import page, choose Aiken format for the file format.

7. Select your file and click Upload.

8. You will now be able to review all of your questions in the bank and add them to the quiz.

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