Importing Question Banks


First, log in to the course from which you wish to export your question bank from.  Go to Administration>Course Administration>Question Bank>Export.

In the Export questions to file screen, pick Gift format and then choose the category from which your question bank resides. Click the "Export questions to file" button.

You will receive this confirmation screen. Click the "Continue" button when the files is done downloading.


First, log in to the course in which you wish to import your question bank into.  Go to Settings>Questions>Import.

In the Import questions from file screen, choose Gift format, choose the category in which the file should be imported into, and click the "Choose a file..." button or simply drag the file to the blue arrow.


Find your question bank.  The name of the file should include the name for your course and be a .txt file.

Choose your file and click "Upload this file."

Back in the Import questions from file screen, click the "import" button.

You will get this confirmation screen.  Click "Continue."

You will then see your questions listed in your question bank.

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