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How to Grade a Project : 


  • Find the Assignment in Course site and Open the Assignment
  • Google Assignments should open in a new tab or window in your browser
  • Optional: To change the total number of points for the assignment for all students, enter the number grade in the “Grade” field in the upper right-hand corner.  While it defaults to /100, you can customize the denominator of your grade.

  • Select an individual submission

Please note: When students submit work using Google Assignments, a copy is stored in the their drive of that original copy.  When the professor grades and returns work, another copy is stored in the professor's drive with those updates and changes preserved in the Google Assignments subfolder on drive.

Overall Feedback

On right hand side, you can add your total grade, overall feedback, and return the assignment to your individual student one at a time. To leave overall feedback for an assignment, enter text in the lower right-hand nav.

Returning assignments

  • You can return assignments one by one (using the return button on the upper right-hand corner of GG or in bulk (using the Return button on the assignments page in your Coursesite after selecting the students whose assignment you'd like to return).

Returning one-by-one

Returning multiple assignments by selecting all of the files you’d like to return at once

Once an assignment has been returned:

    • The grade you entered in Google Assignments should be sent to your Coursesite gradebook.

      • Note: Grades will only flow from Google Assignments to your Coursesite.  If you update in Coursesite later -- Google Assignments will not be changed and no longer be synced.

    • An archival copy of the assignment (in the state it was in at the point of return, with all comments and grade) will be automatically created and stored in an “Google Assignments” folder in your Drive.

    • Students will get an email, notifying them that their assignment has been graded, with a link to open up their graded assignment and view the comments.

    • Students can then engage in a dialog with you in this overall feedback field (as well as in the individual comments).

Students can then edit and re-submit as many times as allowed.

Send Feedback to Google

Want to suggest an improvement or having an issue?  

Please use the Send Feedback button, you can add a comment and send a copy of your screen to google to review.

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