PLEASE NOTE: You and your students must use your Lehigh Google Account ( for Google Assignments to work properly and you should only sign into one google account instance at a time in your browser.  

Need help with this? - Please review: Using Multiple Google Accounts

The teacher who links their account with the initial Google Assignment is the owner of the archive assignment files. 

In your designated course with editing turned on, start by adding an activity or resource as usual.

Pick Google Assignments tool and then click on Add:

Fill out the following fields:

  1. Activity name: whatever you’d like for your assignment.

  2. Click show more to edit the Activity description and check desired display options on course page

  3. Leave all other general and privacy settings at the default 

  4. Edit additional settings as needed

  5. Click on Save and display

You MUST select SAVE and DISPLAY, NOT Save and Return to course.

You should see Google Assignments load. If it's your first time using Google Assignments, you may be prompted to sign-in to your Lehigh Google account if not already logged in.

To link your account to Google Assignments:

  1. Click Sign In > Choose (or Add) your Lehigh Google Credentials > Click Link

    1. NOTE: If you’ve accidentally logged in with a non-Lehigh Google account, you will need to select Switch Account to link your Lehigh Google account instead.

    2. You will only have to link your account once per course.

After you link your account, you should see the message “No student submissions yet”

That's it! Your students can now turn in their Lehigh Google Drive files when they open this assignment in Course Site.

Note: While you won’t need to link your Lehigh Google account again, you will select the Google assignments tool each time to add your assignments. There will also be a folder created in your google drive called “Google Assignments",  and a subfolder titled the name of your class.

Feedback needed.  If you have an issue, please Click on the "help and feedback button" found in lower left.

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