Many Zoom sessions do not require logging in and support joining meetings anonymously. However, the are many others that will require you to log in. All current Lehigh faculty, staff, and students have access to Lehigh's Zoom instance.

New to Zoom? See Getting Started with Zoom for more information.

Logging in to a secured Zoom meeting

Please note: the appearance of your prompts and windows may vary based on your computer's operating system and theme.

If the meeting you are trying to log into requires you to log in, and you are not already logged in to Zoom, you will be prompted to sign in. Click Sign In to Join.

If prompted to open the Zoom launcher application, click Open

When the Zoom launcher app opens, click Sign In.

Click Sign In with SSO.

When prompted to enter the domain, type lehigh (all lowercase). Then click Continue

You will be taken to a familiar Lehigh login page. Enter your Lehigh computing account credentials and sign in. Then you will be taken into the secured meeting as you normally would join a Zoom meeting.

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