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Faculty interested in utilizing  VR applications on the HTC Vive within a course for teaching or research purposes should contact their Instructional Technologist

The CITL uses both the Viveport and Steam streaming platforms for application purchases. If you do not see an applicable title below, please feel free to search these providers for potential content.

Software titles currently available for use on Lehigh's Vive room systems:


  • Kolb Antarctica Experience - Experiential learning app designed to give you a feel of a day in the life of an Antarctic scientist.

  • Buzz Aldrin: Cycling Pathways to Mars - Journey with Dr. Aldrin from his landing site on the moon to Mars as shows you first hand his plan for inhabiting the Red Planet.

  • This is Our Future: The Nature Conservancy* - Immersive ocean conservation experience/simulation.

  • Star Chart * - Virtual planetarium. Explore the solar system and night sky in a beautiful and accurate real-time simulation.

  • The Blu* - Experience the wonder and majesty of the ocean through a series of habitats and come face to face with some of the most awe inspiring species on the planet. Good introductory simulation experience. Requires little to no interaction.

  • Lifelique VR Museum - Learn about a cell, join ancient dinosaurs for a walk, or visit a prehistoric settlement that dates back to the seventh millennium B.C.

  • Nanome - Manipulate chemicals and proteins with your hands, explore chemistry and nanotechnology from a whole new perspective.

  • The Body VR: Journey Inside a Cell* - The Body VR: Journey Inside a Cell is an educational virtual reality experience that takes the user inside the human body.

  • The Stanford Ocean Acidification Experience* - Stanford researchers have produced a virtual underwater ecosystem to allow you to observe firsthand what coral reefs are expected to look like by the end of the century if we do not curb our CO2 emissions.

  • The Extraordinary Honeybee * - Takes viewers on a journey to learn about bees’ impact on our world, their plight, and how we can change to save them. VR for Impact Award recipient.

Art / Architecture / Modeling

  • The VR Museum of Fine Art - Virtual art museum with an expanding gallery of sculptures and artwork in room scale VR.

  • Dreams of Dali - A marriage of art and technology in “Dreams of Dali”, a virtual reality experience from The Dali Museum, as you explore Salvador Dali's 1935 painting “Archaeological Reminiscence of Millet's ‘Angelus’.”

  • Tilt Brush by Google* - 3D illustration. Tilt Brush lets you paint in 3D space with virtual reality. 

  • Blocks by Google - 3D modeling. Blocks lets you easily create 3D objects in virtual reality, no matter your modelling experience.

  • MakeVR* - 3D modeling. Virtual reality 3D modeling application built on a professional CAD engine with a 3D Multi-Touch user interface. Every model created in MakeVR can be 3D printed or imported into a game engine.



  • Nefertari: Journey to Eternity * - Step inside Nefertari's tomb and immerse yourself in the story of its art, history, construction, and mythology through interactive elements.

  • Nikola Tesla Experience - Virtual museum takes visitors to places where Nikola Tesla lived and worked and where they will meet Tesla himself as a narrator of his own stories.

  • Remembering Pearl Harbor * - This original immersive virtual-reality project is told through the voice of Lt. James Downing, who at 103 is the second-oldest living American veteran to have witnessed that day, and is geared towards audiences of all ages.

  • Apollo 11 - This VR experience is a recreation of the events which took place between July 16th and July 24th 1969. Experience this historic event through the eyes of those who lived through it.

360 Video / Filmmaking

  • Inception: VR Videos - From musical performances to breathtaking nature and colorful art galleries, Inception delivers premium and interactive virtual reality and 360 videos.

Introductory VR Experiences

  • Google Earth VR - Google Earth VR lets you explore the world from totally new perspectives in virtual reality. Custom location "tours" can be created.

  • The Lab* -  A compilation of room-scale VR experiments set in a pocket universe within Aperture Science. Fix a robot, defend a castle, adopt a mechanical dog, and more. Popular self-guided introduction to interactive experience in VR.

  • Richie's Plank Experience* - Walk a virtual "plank" 160m high above the ground. An experience made for first-time VR users. Plus, customize the settings to add a physical plank to your playing space

  • The Blu* - Experience the wonder and majesty of the ocean through a series of habitats and come face to face with some of the most awe inspiring species on the planet. Good introductory simulation experience. Requires little to no interaction.

  • Edmersiv - The first educational lab for VR. Interact with several different educational objects, simulations, animations, environments and games.

  • VR Funhouse - Virtual carnival games. Demonstrates advanced VRWorks graphics features through immersive and interactive mini-games.

Empathy Building

  • Becoming Homeless: A Human Experience - From Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab, spend days in the life of someone who can no longer afford a home.

  • DeathTolls Experience - Virtual reality artist Ali Eslami is seeking to resensitize the general public to the reality behind the abstract statistics on the hundreds of thousands of deaths in the Middle East.

  • Forced to Flee * - A 360 documentary on the Rohingya refugee crisis.

  • Equal Reality (demo) * - Enter someone else shoes to understand and experience unconscious bias. Demo mode only.


  • Speech Trainer * - Virtual auditorium where you can learn to overcome your fear of public speaking by addressing a virtual audience.

  • Goalie Challenge VR* - Goalie VR simulator. Fully immersive with surround sound and haptic vibration for a realistic hockey experience. 

  • Everest * - Experience what it feels like to climb Mount Everest through a sequence of immersive first person locations as you strive to reach the top of the world. 

  • Job Simulator* - In a world where robots have replaced all human jobs, step into the "Job Simulator" to learn what it was like 'to job'.

  • Blueshift - Immersive flying simulation (Early Access app)

  • Supermedium - Virtual Reality web browser.


  • High Fidelity VR - Multi-user virtual reality platform. Experience VR with friends old and new, build anything, and host your own VR space.

  • Rec Room -  Multi-player VR experience. Virtual reality social club where you play active games with friends from all around the world. Can be used simultaneously with 2nd Vive user.

Leap Motion

  • Blocks

  • Cat Explorer

  • Mirrors

  • Paint

  • Particles

  • Virtual Music Machine 2

  • Weightless

* = instructor requested title

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