Reviewing the Submitted Assignments

When the files or text have been submitted,  the faculty or TAs can access the student work by clicking on assignments on the  activities block on lower left and then clicking on the "Grade" link in the specific assignment.

Faculty can also access by navigating to the topic the assignment was added to or from the gradebook by clicking on the assignment title. 


Grading the assignments 

Please do not try to write comments using drawing tools as these are often very hard to read.  You can circle items and highlight as needed

Download Multiple Files

If you have many students in your course and would like to download all the assignments submitted at one time in other file formats  and save them to your device, you can go to the assignment and choose "Download all submissions" from the administration block.

This will download all the student submissions into a folder on your computer.

Gradebook Synching 

When you create an assignment, it is synched to your gradebook.  In the grader report view of the gradebook, you can click on the title of the assignment to launch the grading summary and then click the grade button.

It is NOT recommended for you to add numerical grades or comments directly in the grader report table when using electronic submissions. This can cause grading issues because it creates an override.

See more about recommendations for your gradebook:

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