Gradescope is a paper-to-digital grading platform that helps you seamlessly administer and grade all of your assessments, whether online or handwritten. Gradescope works from within Course Site or independently. Both Instructors and students can easily scan and upload homework or exams. Gradescope identifies students' work automatically and associates it with your roster in Course Site.

Why use Gradescope? 

  • You can grade and regrade the same question in all exams at once (and modify grades for multiple exams simultaneously);
  • TAs can grade within Gradescope, and instructors can review all grading and quickly make adjustments with dynamic rubrics;
  • All Graders can share and re-use comments/feedback in multiple exams (or modify for individual students).
  • Gradescope also allows instructors to incorporate auto-graded bubble-sheet (Scantron) questions in their exams and assignments.
  • AI-assisted grading allows instructors to automatically group similar answers and grade all the answers in each group at once.

Instructors: How to Get Started

Hour Long Video on Get Started with Gradescope Workshop with chapters for easily navigating

Shorter Videos on How to Get Started Topics

  1. Log in to Gradescope with Lehigh email and password 
  2. Choose School Credentials
  3. Locate and select Lehigh from the list of schools
  4. Create a course
  5. Create an assignment
  6. Add Students (If using course site, students will sync with roster) 
  7. Grade your assignment
  8. Return grades and feedback to students

Link Gradescope course with your Course Site

  1. Log into your course
  2. Turn on editing
  3. Select add an "Activity or Resource"
  4. Select Gradescope
  5. Name your Gradescope Activity
  6. Click "Save and Return to Course"
  7. Click on the Gradescope activity you just created 
  8. Follow the prompts to link to an existing Gradescope course or create new 

Step-by-step Instructions from Gradescope

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Getting Individual Help with Gradescope

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Here is a recording of a Get Started with Gradescope Workshop that has chapters for easily navigating

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Gradescope Resources for Lehigh

Use Case Examples by Discipline

Students: How to Use Gradescope

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