Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) is available for all Lehigh students, faculty and staff to use.  Gmail and Google Calendar are just the beginning -- Many more apps and systems are available with your Lehigh login.  Please be sure to use the Google Chrome Browser for best results using Google tools!  Many of the core tools also have mobile apps that provide a nicer interface on a phone than the desktop ones do.

See this  guide for more google resources  –  Google for Higher Education Resources

Teach From Home: In a response to the Pandemic, Google has created It’s a new hub of information and tools for teachers. 

COVID-19 Resource Page: Check out the page, Google will continue to provide a place for more advanced training materials, blog posts, videos, and other resources to engage students through distance learning.  

Hangouts Meet Features:  Google  announced new educator control features coming to Hangouts Meet to curb potential misuse. 

Google's Documentation on Core G-Suite Tools:

Using Multiple Google Accounts

Support from Google:

LTS Documentation:

Additional, Specialized Google Tools for Teaching: