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How do I turn on or turn off conversation view?

To turn off conversations view, go to the gear icon and select Settings. Under the General tab (which displays by default), toggle conversation view off.


If you turn on Conversation view, note that the methods for deleting and forwarding individual messages is slightly different.

How do I set up a vacation message in Gmail?

To set up a vacation message:

  1. Go to the gear icon   and select Settings.

  2. In Settings, under the General tab, you will find a section that allows you to create a vacation message.

  3. Complete the form. Note that you can specify an end-date for the message, and that you can define who receives the message (checkboxes at the bottom).

How do I edit my email identity (the way my name appears) in Lehigh Gmail?

Click on Google Plus (upper right-hand corner of the screen), then on View Profile.  Then click on your name,and it opens a window to change your name.

I don't like the New Lehigh Gmail feature that displays attachments in the inbox.

Google's new design is intended to reduce the number of clicks/navigation needed. Below is a screen shot of how attachments appear by default in the inbox.

If you don’t like this view, you can turn it off by changing the display density under the Gear icon. Choose comfortable.

When I try to listen to a voicemail message (.wav audio file sent in an email), it no longer launches the audio app.

If you are on the new Cisco Unity voice messaging system, note that there are a few extra steps to listen to voicemail messages that come to your inbox. When the voice message attachment appears in your inbox, click to download it. In the lower left corner of the screen, select the dropdown next to the file “voicemessage.wav” and choose “always open files of this type.” From now on when you download the file it should autoplay. Most Lehigh-imaged machines at Lehigh are set to use either Quicktime or VLC to play audio files.

How do I set up Lehigh Gmail on my phone?

Follow these instructions for your mobile device:

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