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Lesson 1: Google Drive

  1. What Google Drive is
  2. How to access Google Drive
  3. How to save, create, and download files
  4. How to search and organize files
  5. How to share files

Lesson 2: Google Docs

  1. What Google Doc is
  2. How to create, share and edit a Doc
  3. How to organize your Docs
  4. How to download and convert Docs

Lesson 3: Google Classroom

  1. What Google Classroom is
  2. How to access Google Classroom
  3. How to create a class and add students
  4. How to use Google Classroom pages
  5. How to create assignments
  6. How to provide feedback and grades

Lesson 4: Google Forms

  1. What a Google Form is
  2. How to access Google Forms
  3. How to create and share a Google Form
  4. How to view Google Form responses

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