Request your Course Site and make it available to students:

Just starting a course or want to revise?

Import content from prior courses, if needed

Will you use Zoom for conferencing?

Do you need to create video modules?

Will your students be doing research or make use of library resources?

Does your course include feature films, documentaries or video clips?

Will your students need to use Lehigh-licensed software applications?

  • LTS provides remote access to many Lehigh-licensed software applications using 'LUApps.'
    LUApps information

Help Setting up your Gradebook?

Do you have online exams that require proctoring?

Be sure to:

  • Post an updated syllabus
  • Provide instructional and technical support contact information (list your IT consultant and the helpdesk)
  • Send your students a ‘Welcome’ email. You can either  (1) use the Quickmail block to send an email or (2) post to the ‘Announcements’ forum at the top of your course site page, which will also send an email to all registered students.