The forum activity in Course Site allows participants in a course site to exchange ideas and have discussions.

To create a forum, follow the same steps you would to add an activity

There are 5 types of forums, each designed with a very specific educational purpose.

Here is an excerpt from the Moodle documentation for Forum Settings:

Standard Forums

Special Purpose Forums

Please Note:

There is a slight time delay until students can see each other's post after they post–

in some cases, it might be up to one hour.

Here is a link to help determine the correct forum type to use in your course:

You may also choose to use an OUBlog as it has some additional functionality not offered in the course site forums.

NoteAnnouncement forum is a special type of forum that is automatically created with a new course.

If you would like to discuss the use of Forums in your course site, please contact an Instructional Technologist.