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You will be creating short video responses to discussion forum prompts for this course.  You can use a built-in webcam and microphone if part of your computer or external devices, typically connected to USB port.

When you are ready to respond to a discussion, click the desired discussion forum link on Course Site. 

  • You will likely 'Add a new discussion topic' or 'Reply' to an existing post.  Enter a subject, if necessary, and then click the Panopto icon in the message editor to begin the process of recording your response.

  • You will likely be prompted to login.  Be sure that 'Course Site (Lehigh login)' is selected from the 'Sign in using' pull-down menu, and click 'Sign in.'

  • A new window will open with three tabs: Choose, Upload, and Record.  There will be no videos displayed in the Choose tab now, but as you record forum responses, these recordings will be displayed under this tab.

    1. From the pull-down window at the top of the page, select the shared folder that you created previously as the destination for your recorded responses or if applicable, the folder designated by your professor.
    2. If you don't see your folder listed under the 'Quick Access' heading, go to 'All folders' and click 'My Folder' to show subfolders.  Select the shared folder from this list of subfolders.  (If you were asked to do so and haven't yet created your personal shared folder, follow these directions.)

  • To begin the recording process: (If you haven't yet downloaded and installed the Panopto recorder, click the below the 'Record' button.)
    1. Click the 'Record' tab to the right of 'Choose' and 'Upload.'
    2. Enter a descriptive name for your recording so that you can easily identify it within the list of recordings you'll be creating.
    3. Click the 'Record' button.

  • The Panopto recording app will open.
    1. Check that the correct folder and file name are visible.
    2. Verify that your video (webcam) and audio (microphone) are selected.  (You should see yourself in the video window and see audio levels when you speak.)
    3. Make sure that 'Record PowerPoint' and 'Record Keynote' are not checked.
    4. Make sure the secondary video source is set to 'None.'
    5. When ready, click the 'Record' button to record your discussion forum response.
    6. Click 'Stop' when your finished.

  • A window will open verifying that your recording is complete, the file name and its location. Click the 'Upload' button.

  • In the 'Manage Recordings' window, you will see a list of the files you've recorded and their status.  Be sure to keep the recorder open and stay connected to the internet while 'uploading.' Once the file has uploaded, there will be 'Processing' time on the Panopto server, but you don't need to keep the recorder open at this point.

  • Return to the 'Insert from Panopto' window, click the 'Choose' tab, select the video response and then click the 'Insert' button in the lower-left corner of the window.

  • The 'Insert from Panopto' window will close and you'll now see the Course Site forum.  Click 'Post to Forum' at the bottom of the page to make your post.

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