1.  Video Effects

One of the last steps to finish your project may be to colorize it to give the video a consistent look. To add a video effect highlight a clip in the timeline then click the effects menu. Select an effect to preview how it will look. To apply the effect left click and drag it onto the clip in the timeline.

2.  Exporting to DVD

Go to the top menu and click on “File” then “Share” then “DVD”.

Next connect an external DVD drive and insert a blank DVD disc (DVD-R is most compatible).

Then under the "Settings" tab:

Output device: (make sure to choose the external drive) *not the hard drive option.
Layers: Automatic.
Build type: File.
Disc template: default (5 different backgrounds to choose from).
Title: Enter title of disc for the main menu.
Volume Name: How the disc title will read on a computer.
Color Space: This is automatically set based on your timeline settings.
When disc loads: either choose Show Menu or Play movie immediately.
Markers: Checkbox to use chapter markers as subtitles.
Loop: Checkbox creates a loop movie button.
Background: Click "Add" to browse for a picture to add as the background to personalize your menu.
Logo image: Click "Add" to create a logo.
Title image: Click "Add" to create a title image.

Click “Next”

Click on “Window” then “Background Tasks” to view the overall completion percentage.

The DVD should pop out of the external drive when its finished.

3.  Exporting to Ensemble
This creates a high quality QuickTime file (compatible with both Mac/PC)

Note: Ensemble file size must be below 12GB. Video length approx: 2 hours.
See professors URL link for dropbox webpage.

Go to “File” then ‘Share’ at the top menu of Final Cut Pro then choose ‘Master File (default).

Under the "Settings" tab:
Format: Video and Audio (default)
Video codec: H.264 *change to this setting
Leave everything else as the default.

Then click "Next".

Finally choose a file name and location to save to and click “Save”.

Click on “Window” then “Background Tasks” to view the overall completion percentage of your export.

Verify that the exported file plays correctly before submitting the file to the Ensemble dropbox link.

4.  Exporting to YouTube

Go to “File” then ‘Share’ at the top menu then ‘YouTube’ to directly upload the movie to your account. If you would like to create the file now and upload later then use the .H264 Ensemble setting (in step 44).

Under options:
First: Sign In
Resolution: HD 720p or higher (up to 1080p)
Compression: Faster encode or better quality (takes longer)
Privacy: Select to make movie private or public
Category: Choose a category

Click “Next” to begin youtube upload.

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