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Filtering options within the Assignment Manager in Course Site allow Instructors and TAs to easily sort on different criteria while grading.  This feature is especially useful in large-lecture courses where there are usually multiple graders.

Access the assignment.  In this example, it is 'Week 1 Problem Set.'

Click the 'View/grade all submission' button.

At this point, you have the choice to sort in many different ways.  Scroll down to the 'Options' section.

You can filter on submission status:

By Grader:

Graders are set in the submission inbox above.  Any user with a Teacher or TA role can be set as a grader.

If you would like to assign a grader to multiple students, you can use the 'Select' checkbox and the 'With Selected...' drop down.

Finally, if you are using the 'Workflow' activity, you can sort by status.


If you are using Groups in your course you can also use the 'Separate groups' drop down to filter users who are in a certain group.  Documentation on setting up and using groups can be found here.




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