Lehigh offers Faculty, Staff and Students a large number of file storage options (enough to be confusing).  The documents linked below give details about all of the options.

Computer File Storage Options:

Cloud Storage Options Table

Lehigh-contracted providers allow for sharing for larger amounts of files, wider distribution.  Cloud services are best leveraged by the installation of a client program on your local computer for automatically syncing data with the online storage system.

Lehigh LAN (Network) Storage Options

LTS-recommended storage areas for Lehigh work

 Local File Storage

Comparison chart: local hardware storage comparison.

Data Governance:

Again, be aware that all data storage (computer file storage) at Lehigh is governed by:

in order to protect the privacy of all Lehigh users. Many systems are not backed up by default, and additional configuration and / or service provision may be needed to keep information protected. General guidelines on this topic are presented at LTS Seminars, and the slides for this one are available.

Other Services and Info: