Feedback Studio - Is the feature built into Turnitin assignments that let you edit papers without having to download them.  You can leave subject feedback by using the comments feature, or record audio feedback.

To access Feedback Studio, access a Turnitin Assignment via Course Site.

Click on the pencil under the grade column.

The Turnitin Document Viewer will open.  You can now begin adding comments by clicking anywhere on the document. 

You can choose to add an inline comment or a comment bubble. The comment will automatically be saved. You can move a comment by clicking and dragging it to where you would like to place it.

To leave a voice comment, access voice comments from the Feedback Summary side panel, where you can also provide overall text-based feedback on a paper. A voice comment can be up to three minutes long.

Begin by clicking on the circle.

When you are finished adding comments you can grade the paper by clicking in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. If you would like to move to the next student, you can click on the forward arrow above the edit grade box.

When you are finished commenting and grading you can close the browser window or tab.

Turnitin Documentation

Quick Tips for Mastering Feedback Studio

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