Is there a built-in way to check my hard disk in Windows?

Yes. Windows includes a built-in error checker that can go through all of the files on the local hard disk, and make sure they're all available on disk and readable. See 'Running a Disk Check in Windows'.

Is there a built-in way to take a picture of my screen (a screenshot)?

Yes. Most Windows PCs have a 'PrtScrn' key (usually located near where the 'F13' key would be). Pressing this key captures an image of the screen to the 'Clipboard'. If you subsequently open a 'Paint' program or other similar program, and select 'Paste', the image will be inserted into the currently open document.

You can also hit control-shift-s to bring up the 'snip and sketch' app.

I keep getting a "Your Windows license is going to expire soon" message on my Lehigh owned PC. How can I fix this?

This message can occur when your PC has not joined the Lehigh network in some time. Connecting to the Lehigh VPN will typically fix this issue.  If the message persists, you can manually activate Windows as well.  First, connect to the VPN then go to 'Settings' on your computer. Click on "Update and Security". Then on the left hand side you will see "Activation". If it hasn't activated, there will be a 'Troubleshoot' or 'Activate Now' option. Click on that and Windows will manually update.

I updated my Lehigh account password but my Windows password hasn't changed. How can I fix this?

If you are on a Lehigh owned PC that has not connected to the Lehigh network since you changed your password, you will need to connect to the VPN to update it. Follow the steps at the bottom of this page to update your Windows login password.

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