LTS contracts with Dropbox on a per-user, opt-in basis to provide that vendor's commercial product to Lehigh users.

What is Dropbox at Lehigh?

Lehigh Dropbox is a cloud-based file storage and sharing service that provides Lehigh University faculty, staff and students with powerful tools to store, manage, and share data in full compliance with the Lehigh University Cloud Computing Policy.  Lehigh has two separate Dropbox for Business teams, one for students and one for faculty/staff.   

How do I request a Lehigh Dropbox account?

Simply click enroll on and the provisioning process will be started.  After an hour or two you will receive an email from Dropbox with a link to complete the setup process.

How do I login to Lehigh Dropbox?

Once your account is ready you can also simply go to and click the "Sign In" in the upper right side of the screen.  Enter your Lehigh email address and you'll see the password box disappear and the message "Single sign-on enabled" in it's place and a big "Continue" button.  Then login as normally with SSO.

How is Lehigh Dropbox different from regular "consumer" Dropbox?

The consumer version of Dropbox is meant for personal files such as family photos, personal documents, and other non-Lehigh data.  Lehigh Dropbox is designed for university-owned data since, unlike consumer Dropbox, it meets applicable university data storage requirements and security policy. Visit Using Both a Lehigh Dropbox and a Personal Dropbox for instructions on switching between them.

What policies govern storage and security of Lehigh University Data?

Data created by Lehigh University employees and/or used in the course of performing work on behalf of Lehigh must: (a) be retrievable by the institution, (b) be encrypted both in-transit and at-rest, and (c) stored with a provider that conforms to all relevant federal, state, and local laws. See the Lehigh University Cloud Computing Policy for more information.  You can store data on Lehigh Dropbox that is not regarded as “Critical Data” restricted by the Lehigh University Data Classification Scheme.

How much does a Lehigh Dropbox account cost?

LTS is no longer charging back for Dropbox accounts. 

How much data can a Lehigh Dropbox account hold?

Dropbox offers unlimited data storage for faculty and staff and 5TB for students. 

How long does Dropbox retain deleted files?

With Lehigh's service level, Dropbox retains deleted files for 10 years.

Can my department use a shared group account instead of multiple individual accounts?

No. Access to Lehigh Dropbox will only be provisioned to individual users in order to comply with data management, auditing, and security policies. For example, Lehigh must have the ability to remotely delete data from lost or stolen devices.

Can I store all types of data on Lehigh Dropbox?

Without requesting a Shared Team Folder, Lehigh University does not permit the storage of information legally classified as "breach notifiable" (Class 1) and where Lehigh University is required to report to the government and/or provide notice to the individual if the information is inappropriately accessed anywhere. Data that meets this level of critically includes but is not limited to:

  • Social Security Numbers
  • Credit Card Numbers
  • Driver license number or state identification card number issued in lieu of a driver license
  • Passport ID Numbers and other forms of Official Government Issued Identification
  • Health Care Information, including Protected Health Information (PHI)
  • Data subject to International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)
  • Data subject to export-control laws

What are my options for storing Class 1 data through Lehigh Dropbox?

Faculty and staff can store Class 1 data by requesting a Lehigh Dropbox Shared Team Folder. To request a Shared Team Folder, fill out this request form and specify that the Shared Team Folder will be used to store Class 1 data. A Shared Team Folder provisioned to contain Class 1 data cannot be shared with anyone external to Lehigh University, nor with any graduate or undergraduate students at Lehigh. Administration of the folder will be done by the Lehigh University Dropbox administrators. 

I am getting the message "Dropbox suspended" when I try to log in. What should I do?

This message typically occurs when your Lehigh password has expired. Go to to change your password, and then re-log in to Dropbox. LTS sends reminders several weeks before the password expiration, but when it expires, access to Lehigh systems and services is lost/suspended until the password is reset. This may also happen if you work at Lehigh and have recently changed departments or Colleges. If this is the case, re-enroll at and access to your existing account will be restored, typically within an hour.

How can I access Dropbox from LUapps?

Kumo is an integration service that you can use to automatically link into your Lehigh Dropbox, Google drive, or Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage space when running a program from LUapps.  Once you authorize access through Kumo to your cloud storage space, it will be available for you to use whenever you run a program with LUapps.

I already have a Dropbox account with my Lehigh address, How can I switch it over to Lehigh Dropbox?

See Using Both a Lehigh Dropbox and Personal Dropbox.

I'm getting the error - Unable to identify your user group.

This happens when your Lehigh account in Active Directory is not a member of the Faculty/Staff or Student groups.  Please enter a Jira ticket with a request to have your account moved to the correct location in Active Directory.